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1. Cashback

By shopping with Checkout Saver, you can receive cashback when you shop online. Checkout Saver has established affiliate relationships with thousands of retailers to drive them traffic. When you click through to a merchant, you use Checkout Saver's affiliate link. This way, your purchase is tracked and Checkout Saver receives commission for the sale, which we pass on to you! 

2. Discount Gift Cards

Gift cards are often sold or traded at a price lower than their store value. Many people prefer cash, and sell their gift cards to sites like Checkout Saver at a discount. While many sites take 12%+ commission, Checkout Saver takes a significantly smaller percentage, resulting in the best prices for cards online. From there, Checkout Saver offers the cards to users at checkout. The browser extension alerts a user that has arrived on a supported checkout page, like, and an alert notifies the user they can purchase and apply a gift card to the transaction. If a card is worth $50 and is purchased for $45, the user saves $5.